about us

Founded in 1993 KIWIPLAZA is dedicated to delivering a full range of New Zealand products and brands of health products, deer products, skin care products, wool, sheepskin products, jewelry and Maori carvings. Our mission statement is to develop and grow our business by providing good price and quality of merchandise that exceeds customer’s expectations. The competitive price makes great quantity of sales which leads to a positive cycle.

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Auckland city head shop

Tel: +64-9-307 8856

Fax: +64-9-307 8857

East Auckland Meadowland Shop

Tel: +64-9-535 6630

Fax: +64-9-535 2090

Auckland Northcote Shop

Tel: +64-9-480 0155

Fax: +64-9-480 2055

East Auckland Highland Park Shop

Tel: +64-9-535 8663

Fax: +64-9-535 8667